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A Very Supernatural twist on a High School twist on a Shakespearean Classic

Part 3/3: The Man Who Would Be Homecoming King

Almost immediately, Sam and Becky were sitting together in biology class. They had been doodling dragons and demons into each others' text books every day since. And when they reached Homecoming Week, they laughed together at all the kids participating in the obnoxious spirit days, who wore nauseating amounts of red and black, and ridiculous theme outfits. Sam and Becky decided to rebel and wear tardis blue Doctor Who shirts on Lion Pride Wednesday. Becky actually snorted when Zach walked into biology class with a lion painted onto his face. The only thing Sam found cuter than Becky snorting was when she giggled at herself for doing it.

Dean and Cas hadn't really spoken since the soccer game. They would pass each other in hallways, and speak with their smiling eyes, but they could never find the words or time to say them. But that particular Lion Pride Wednesday was marked with a flag on Castiel's iPhone calendar: LATIN STUDY DATE W/DEAN @ 4. They made the plan weeks ago, as soon as Dean found out that his next exam would be the Thursday of Homecoming.

Dean and Castiel met at the library doors that afternoon, hands brushing when they simultaneously reached for the metal handle. A rosy tint flushed the skin on Castiel's cheeks. Dean's heart pounded wildly against his rib cage, demanding his attention. They both fumbled to breathe.

"Pretty nice timing, Cas," Dean finally commented, the one to pull the door open.

"We had an appointment," Cas noted, smiling. He gripped the strap of his messenger bag and nervously looked away as he walked through the open door, hoping his cheeks weren't as red as they felt.

The boys pulled up two chairs around a small, circular table. Dean pulled out his textbook, casually laid it on the table, and inched closer to Cas using the book as an excuse.

"So I thought we'd work on that biblical translation first," Cas said professionally, pulling Dean's book towards him and turning to page 394. "Ok, like this phrase from Psalms: non timebo mala, quo… quo…" He always had trouble with that pronunciation.

"Quoniam tu mecum es," Dean finished impatiently. The first time they'd really talked since the night of Sam's play, and all Cas wanted to do was work on Latin? Frustrated, Dean grabbed his book, stuffed it back in his backpack and said, "Amor non discitur, amor cognoscitur, sed id non animadvertis donec amorem invenis.*" Then he stood to leave. He took a few steps toward the door before turning back to face a dumbfounded Cas. "Vis mecum egredieris, Castiel, vel non?*"

Dean let the door swing shut behind him, leaving Castiel to frantically search through the language translation app on his iPhone. He desperately wanted to know what Dean had just said to him.

"Homecoming nominations are being posted as we speak," Lisa said to Dean the next morning before school. "Congratulations, future king," she said with wink.

"That's cool," Dean said, trying to sound interested.

"I've been nominated, too," she excitedly interrupted, tossing her hair. "Two more days until we're slow dancing to our first song in matching crowns."

"About that… I'm probably not going to the dance, not unless Sam's going. And he's not really into that kind of thing. Plus, we have a tradition of horror movie marathons on Homecoming weekend, so…"

"But Sam is going."

He looked surprised. "Really? Since when?"

"Let's just say," she smiled and put a hand on his arm, "I'm taking care of it."

"That bitch," Balthazar said, staring at the Homecoming nominations missing his name.

"Who cares?" Cas asked bitterly, trying not to stare at Lisa's hand on Dean's arm. He rolled his eyes at the whole concept of high school royalty… but he had been planning to vote for Dean anyway.

"It's the principle of the thing! The girl has no honor. I guess I shouldn't be surprised." Balthazar still looked pissed as he and Cas walked away from the colorful, glittery poster board taped to the wall. "Dean's up there, though. Big surprise. How're things going with him, anyway?"

"Been better," Cas sighed.

"Better? Better than what? 3 weeks ago, you were just his projector repair boy. They can't've gotten worse than that."

"I just," Cas shrugged, still trying to make sense of yesterday's Latin encounter, "I don't know what's going on. At least I knew where I stood as his 'projector repair boy,' now I have no idea where we are."

"What about Homecoming? Are you gonna go?"

"Probably not. You know Dean's going to end up as King and Lisa, Queen, and I don't feel like vomiting all over the gymnasium floor while they slow dance, thanks."

Becky leaned against the bank of lockers beside Sam's as he dug through the mess at the bottom. She smiled adoringly down at him before a long fingered hand started pulling her away by the arm.

"Freshman," Lisa said, addressing Becky in her usual way. "Here's a hundred bucks to take Sam to Homecoming. It'll cover your tickets, dress, boutonniere, whatever else. I don't care, but you're taking him to that Homecoming dance."

Becky turned back to look at Sam, still adorably digging away in his locker, like an excited puppy in the dirt. "I'm not interested in playing your little game anymore, Lisa," she replied defiantly.

"Would you be interested in say, two hundred?" Lisa pulled out two Benjamin Franklins. Becky stared back at the outdated men and considered the offer. The final Buffy DVD flashed in her brain, and she thought about how she could finally sit down with Sam and introduce him to the complete wonder of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And she thought about how they were both dying to see Torchwood, but couldn't afford to buy the seasons. It's just one stupid dance, she finally thought, and I'm basically going to spend the money on him anyway. What could it hurt?

She hesitantly plucked the bills from Lisa's grip and nodded. "See you on Saturday, then."

"Yeah, sure," Lisa said sarcastically, as a victorious smile broke across her face.

At 4:30 on Friday afternoon, the marching band kicked off the annual homecoming parade outside the Lawrence High School building. They led the procession of floats, teams, and homecoming court members through the streets, into downtown Lawrence, looping back to finish at the school.

The bright sunshine of the fall day made Becky's band uniform uncomfortably warm, sweat was already starting to trickle down the back of her neck. But she was excited knowing Sam would be waiting somewhere downtown, watching for her. Half excited, anyway. She was a little embarrassed about her boyfriend seeing her in an unflattering band uniform for the first time, but then again, Sam never struck her as the type to care. So she was left feeling mostly excited for the parade to just get started.

The homecoming court rode in cars behind the band, with club and class floats starting behind them. They were split into couples and rode two in convertible. First were Andy and Ava, favorites amongst the hipster/artsy/stoner communities in a black Volkswagon Beetle with the top down. Dean and Lisa, popular favorites, were last in a red Ford Mustang. Dean wore his court sash over a white t-shirt and leopard print vest. Lisa, in her white sundress, was horrified when she saw his outfit. "Just trust me," he told her happily, "this'll be epic."

She sat, watching Dean for the first ten minutes, wondering what the hell his stupid grin was all about. And then, when they turned the corner in downtown Lawrence, the band started playing a new song.

Dean pulled a microphone from out of his pocket and stood up on the back seat of the mustang. "Ladies and gentlemen," he shouted, "you've been such a wonderful crowd, we'd like to play a little tune for you. It's one of my personal favorites. And I'd like to dedicate it to a young man who doesn't think there's anything fun about homecoming. Sam Winchester, this one's for you." He spotted his little brother in the crowd on the sidewalk, wearing the only really red thing he owned: a Detroit Red Wings jersey.

Sam, perking up at the sound of his name, looked up to see his brother shamelessly dance around the back seat of a moving vehicle while he sang Danke Schoen. Lisa Braeden grasped desperately at his pants trying to force him to sit back down. "Oh my God, Dean," Sam said under his breath, shaking his head and smiling.

Castiel, standing on the other side of the street, thought Dean was absolutely adorable. Dean noticed Cas as he drove by, and tossed him a casual wink at the lyrics "thank you for walks down lover's lane." Cas started rethinking the possibility of making an appearance at the homecoming dance…

Lisa was relieved when Danke Schoen finally ended, hoping Dean's impossible behavior would end with it. But then the band started playing Twist and Shout, and Dean was still standing on the backseat leather cushions. He laughed as the crowd danced in the streets to the sound of the marching band and his own voice. Eventually, Lisa started crying into her hands. Dean was too busy living his teenage, Ferris Bueller dream to notice.

Sam was waiting when Becky finally changed back into her regular clothes and met him at Bobby's. Their time in his store made Bobby Singer very happy. He appreciated the daily company and liked talking monsters with the two kids. Sam and Becky were excited to find out that the older man really knew a lot about a lot of things, and he provided excellent insight into all of their conversations. But mostly, Bobby Singer, softy at heart, was just glad to see that the two of them had worked out whatever problems they seemed to have had.

"No offense or anything," Becky said after Sam brought up his brother's parade stunt again, putting a Gryffindor book back up on the shelf, "I mean, I know everyone digs your brother, but um… he's without."

Sam loved his brother with everything he had, but he couldn't help smiling at her comment. He'd grown up seeing everyone adore Dean. Dean, Dean, Dean with all of his friends, and Dad's admiration, and a new girl every week. But for the first time in a very long time, someone saw him, not as Dean's little brother, but as Sam. Sam Winchester. He stared happily back into her beaming smile and kissed her for the first time.

"Come to homecoming with me tomorrow night," she blurted out when he pulled away.

Sam was taken aback. "Is that a request or a command?" He asked, confused at her sudden desire to go to a school party.

"C'mon, go with me." Sam still refused, and they went back and forth for a while, getting more and more irritated with the other's stubbornness.

"Why are you pushing this?" He finally asked. "What's in it for you?"

"Oh, so now I need a motive to want to be with you?"

"You tell me." Becky looked away guiltily and Sam prodded her again for an answer, using her full name for emphasis.

"Nothing! There is nothing in it for me! Just the pleasure of your company, ok?" She finally snapped. Sam stormed out on her again, and for the second time, Bobby had to go clean up the mess.

Saturday evening finally came and Becky Rosen was alone in her pajamas, lying in bed, typing on her laptop. As his hand slipped up Benjamin's creamy white thigh, he could feel Andrew's huge member pulsating with desire. She paused and took a break from her computer to rub the faces of her dollar bills together, making lewd sucking and groaning noises. "Oh yeah, Mr. President…"

"What the hell are you doing?" Barnes asked, stepping into her room without knocking.

"Writing, obviously," no shame in her voice, "Well, working on ideas…" she said, sitting up and leaving the two dollar bills to their canoodling.

"Well quit writing and get dressed. Damien and I are taking you to the dance." She really had no interest in going to Homecoming, especially without Sam, but Damien and Barnes were already doing the leg work of searching her closet for the right dress and shoes… plus they promised to roleplay the fic she was working on, but only the pg-13 parts.

"If this is wrong Mr. President," Damien said loudly enough for Becky to hear from the bathroom, "then I don't want to be right!"

"Ugh, that was perfect guys, now do it again so I can watch!" Becky exclaimed, stepping out of her bathroom in a little green dress and brown heels.

"Damn, Rebecca Rosen!"

"Oh stop it," she said, brushing off Damien's comment with a flattered smile and hooking a small devil's trap charm necklace around the back of her neck. "Should we go?"

They walked down her stairs and into the front hallway, but when Becky opened her front door, Sam Winchester was standing on the porch, corsage in one hand, the other poised to knock.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, staring at the tall kid in his green button down shirt, brown tie and khaki pants.

"Going to homecoming," he replied, sweetly slipping the corsage onto her left wrist.

She smiled. "What changed your mind?"

"It seemed to really mean something to you, so I…"

"Oh my God, Barnes, they match. How cute!" Damien giggled behind Becky.

"Uh, hey, guys," Sam said noticing Damien and Barnes in the background for the first time.

"We were about to walk over to school, so you're coming?" Becky asked.
Sam turned and gave his brother a thumbs up before nodding at Becky. Dean, sitting in his car parked on the street, returned the gesture and drove away, heading towards Castiel's house.

"Wow," Castiel breathed when he answered the knock at the door and found himself face to face with Dean Winchester, who cleaned up nicely in his all black outfit- save for the red tie.

"Hi Cas. Ready to go?" Dean greeted with a delighted smile.

"To what?" Cas asked with wide eyes.

"Homecoming, duh. Let's go."

"I… I'm not even dressed," Cas said, looking down at his clothes.

Dean looked him over. "What you're wearing is fine, what you wear is always fine. Khakis and a nice shirt are all anybody wears to homecoming anyway. You don't need a tux or anything… you might just want to go grab a tie; otherwise you look great."

Cas smiled at the compliment as he rushed up the stairs to his bedroom. He grabbed the first navy tie on his tie rack and fumbled at a Windsor knot while he raced back downstairs. He was too jittery and the knot was a disaster, hanging limply around his neck. Dean, with his big, calm, assured hands, took the fabric from Cas' nervous fingers and gently looped the tie before tightening it up to the shirt collar. "All… set…" Dean whispered, lost in the blue of Castiel's eyes. Then he cleared his throat and made some manly sounds before smoothing down the edges of the shirt collar over the tie.

After sliding into the front seat of his Chevrolet Impala, Dean reached down and picked a small box up off the floor. "One last thing," he said, pulling a white rose boutonniere from the plastic shell and pinning it over Castiel's throbbing heart.

He was dumbstruck with joy. "Thank you Dean," he said with total sincerity. They stared at each other again, like they couldn't look at one another without being completely absorbed in the others' vibrant eyes. Dean tried not to look at Cas after he started the engine, knowing that he would certainly wreck the car and kill all three of them if Cas' eyes distracted him while he drove.

Dean and Cas started dancing together the moment they stepped into the dimly lit, Heaven on Earth themed gymnasium. It was still early and the dance floor was basically deserted; most of the students already there stood awkwardly off to the side, not wanting to be the first to dance. But there was a dirty hip hop beat and Dean Winchester had no inclinations toward keeping his hands off Castiel that evening. There was still some space between their bodies for the first few songs, but by the sixth song, Usher's DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again, people started crowding the dance floor and Dean had himself pressed against Castiel like his life depended it. Dean's stomach ached against the slight curve in Cas' lower back, his crotch against Cas' muscular ass. Dean's arms were wrapped possessively around Cas' chest and together they moved, bodies rolling and grinding, synched together with the beat.

Sam tried to focus on Becky to avoid looking at the mentally scaring image of Dean dry humping a dude in the school gym. Just keep it in your pants, he prayed.

Someone else actually was watching Dean and Cas, and when Dean noticed, he whispered in Castiel's ear, "what's up with the homophobe? He's giving me a nasty vibe."

Cas' eyes fluttered open, waking himself from the smooth motion of Dean's body and the hot breath in his ear. He saw the guy Dean was talking about almost instantly.
"Oh that's just Raphael," he said, turning them in another direction to the rhythm of the music, "he's still pissed that I won the AV president election. Don't worry about him; he's crazy but harmless."

"Do you mean to tell me that the AV club has drama?" Cas rolled his eyes. "Well just let me know if he gives you any trouble," Dean said, tightening his arm against Castiel's chest, "I'll kick his ass in a heart beat." Cas hugged Dean's arms.

Eight songs later, when the sweat on Dean's neck started sticking to Castiel's forehead, Cas decided it was time to take a break, get a drink, and maybe some air. The YMCA was playing anyway, and neither boy had any interest in flailing their arms around like a fool.

Dean, at the word 'drink,' pulled a flask out his pocket with propositioning eyes. "Something legal," Cas requested with his innocent eyes.

"Yeah, of course," Dean said, "you can go out and get some air, I'll be right there with some drinks."

"No spiking them, though!" Cas yelled, walking toward the door.

"Smile for the camera, Cas!" Dean said, kicking the outside door open a few minutes later. He had two Dixie cups of punch, one hard, one virgin, balanced in one hand, and Castiel's iPhone, that he'd snuck from Cas' pocket on the dance floor, raised in the other. He'd already hit record on the video app and he watched through the screen as that strange homophobic kid held Cas' arms and Lisa Braeden's right hook collided with Castiel's jaw.

"NO!" Dean yelled, dropping the drinks and the plastic protected phone on the concrete. "Get your fucking hands off him this instant!" Dean raged, sprinting to the scene. Raphael released Castiel and took off running, not needing more than one Winchester warning. Lisa remained, screaming every homophobic slur that flashed across her brain. Cas probably wouldn't have restrained himself if Dean hadn't shown up, but Dean stood in the way, a buffer between Castiel and Lisa.

"Move Dean! I'll kill him, I swear it," rage burning in Lisa's jealous eyes.

"Back off, Lisa. Back. Off."

Lisa started laughing. "And you're defending him," she threw her hands up, not believing what had finally started to dawn on her. "Of course, because you like him. My God, you're just as gay as that little… little…"

"Dean?" Sam yelled, as he and Becky ran towards his brother. It got everyone's attention though, and Lisa turned her temper toward them.

"And you," she directed menacingly toward Becky, "I didn't pay you to date that Sasquatch freak just so the homo parasite could snake off with my man."

"Guess he wasn't your man, then, huh?" Becky responded coolly. Lisa screamed and stalked off, shoving Becky on her way back into the school.

"…She what?" Sam asked, incredulous. Becky shook her head, realizing the damage Lisa had done. "Oh, nothing in it for you, huh?" Sam clinched a fist and bit his lip, deciding what to do. He eventually sighed, giving up, and followed Lisa back into the gym, his stomach bubbling with hurt and disappointment. Becky chased after him, pleading for forgiveness.

Dean wiped the blood pooling at Castiel's lip with his shirt sleeve. "What the hell happened, man?" bending his head to lock his eyes with Cas'.

"They came out of nowhere, took me by complete surprise. But you came out just in the nick of time." Dean put an arm around Cas and walked with him back up to the building. He stopped to look at the Dixie cups, rolling around in puddles of their own liquid, before remembering the iPhone sitting on the ground nearby.

The DJ called the members of homecoming court to the front of the gym to announce the winners. Lisa in her skin tight black dress, her hair brushed and make up reapplied, stood between Jo and Ava. Dean stood on the end beside Adam, not far from Castiel.

"Thank you everyone for coming out tonight," Principal Mills said, taking the microphone. "Your votes have been counted and I'm happy to say we have our winners. Without further ado, your Homecoming King is… Dean Winchester."

Dean stepped forward, receiving his crown with signs of the horns on both hands and a thunderous applause from the audience. Jo clapped and smiled at him, silently hoping she could be the queen to his king. Lisa didn't even clap.

"And your Homecoming Queen," Principal Mills said, picking up the little tiara, "is Lisa Braeden." Just about everyone in the gym clapped as the principal placed the crown in Lisa's dark hair.

Dean, however, took the microphone from Principal Mills. "Dean, you really don't have to give a speech…"

"I know, this'll just take a minute," he said. Then, addressing the whole gym, "Ladies and gents, boys and girls, your queen is not the woman you think she is." He pulled out the iPhone, "and this," he said, looking at a horrified Lisa, "is for making my date bleed." Dean hit play.

The video of Lisa hitting Castiel and the audio of her following tirade poured into the gym through the room's projector; Castiel having synched up the iPhone while Lisa was busy fixing her makeup.

The gymnasium started booing at Lisa. When the video ended, Dean carried on. "This," he said, plucking the tiara from Lisa's head, "is for my brother." He snapped the little piece of plastic in two. Jo winced.

"And this…" he started before dropping the microphone on the ground. Dean walked towards Castiel until he was close enough to wrap a hand around the blue tie hanging against Cas' chest. He pulled Cas toward him until their foreheads pressed together before whispering intimately, "…is for me." He kissed Cas, long and slow, in front of the entire school. Balthazar began clapping in the crowd until, soon enough, everyone joined him. The only two people who didn't cheer for the boys were Lisa Braeden and Principal Mills, who was too busy escorting the maniacal homecoming queen from the premises.

"Well there's something you don't see everyday!" the DJ cried from his booth. "How bout their first dance?" he said, dimming the lights and letting Death Cab for Cutie's Earth Angel cover fill the room.

Dean took the crown from his head and placed it gently on Castiel's before wrapping one arm around his back. Dean's free hand took Castiel's and he extended both of their arms into a ballroom dancing couple's pose, and they circled slowly to the music. They smiled at each other and laughed when the black and white feathers and confetti exploded from somewhere above them. They were lost in their own private world of floating feathers and twinkling lights, consumed in their shared, intense gaze.

"You never answered my question," Dean finally reminded Cas.

It took him a few heartbeats before answering "Semper*." The Cas rested his head against Dean's chest.

"O ego quam videor felix, immobile pectus Pectoris immoti semper amantis amans*," Dean whispered happily, closing his eyes and nestling his cheek against Castiel's soft hair.

Neither boy noticed when Balthazar snuck over and slipped the crown from Castiel's head and placed it crookedly on his own.

Becky sat on a chair in the corner, alone, crying into her hands.

"This is sort of becoming a thing for us," Bobby said, cautiously sitting down next to her.

"Mr… Singer?" she asked, sniffling and looking at his suit, "What are you doing here? At a high school dance?"

"I'm here as Jody's date. I mean, Principal Mills. Principal Mills invited me to help chaperone." Becky stared at the floor. "Have high school kids always been this crazy? I don't remember them being such idjits back in my day." Still nothing. "So, what happened with Sam this time?"

"I tried to do the right thing, well kind of, it was actually kind of a stupid thing, and it really blew up in my face. But I… I think I'm falling for him, and he's probably never going to speak to me again after this one."

"Well if you love him, tell him. Show him. I happen to know the exact books Sam Winchester has a particular eye on…"

"I'll see, Bobby. Thanks, again."

When Dean and Cas snuck off to make out in Cas' AV office, they finally solved the mystery of where the crown had disappeared to. It hung, barely, on the side of Balthazar's tilted head. The crown was just about all they could see of Balthazar, though. That, two hands, and pair of legs- the rest of him hidden by Madison's body. Balthazar gave Cas a quick thumbs up as Madison quit sucking hickeys onto his neck and proceeded tearing at his tie with her teeth.

"Wow," Cas said, impressed. "Might have to try that one." Cas smiled at the thought. Dean had never been more turned on in his life.

"Anything I can get for you boys? Some snacks? A condom?" John Winchester asked, gruff and hesitant, when he saw his son's boyfriend using his son's lap as a pillow on the living room couch the following afternoon. He wasn't trying to be invasive, he just didn't know how to respond to Dean bringing a boy home for the first time. Not that John didn't like Castiel- the sweet, intelligent kid seemed like he would be a good influence on Dean, and John was happy to see Dean happy. But more than anything, John just missed his wife, knowing that if Mary were still alive, she would have handled the situation with much more grace.

John just stood in the doorway.

"Nah, Dad," Dean responded, a little embarrassed.

Cas stood up immediately to shake Mr. Winchester's hand. Yep, he liked this kid already. John left the room and tried his best not to eavesdrop from the kitchen.

When Dean and Cas thought they were alone again, Cas assumed his spot draped across Dean's lap, and Dean started absently running his fingers through Castiel's hair, peppering kisses along the soft forehead. Sam interrupted them next. He meandered into the room and sadly slumped into an adjacent armchair.

"Sam…" Dean said expectantly, with a tone that said 'please leave.' "…Did ya… need something?"

Sam just sighed and Dean and Cas stopped touching each other while they stared at Sam. Sam looked sadly out the window until the door bell rang.

"Are you gonna get that?" Dean asked Sam, playing with Castiel's hair again. "You should get that."

Sam stood up to answer the door. Becky was waiting outside with an extremely heavy, fragile book in her outstretched arms.

"What is that?" Sam asked, staring at the ancient $300 encyclopedia.

"A peace offering," she said hopefully.

"But how could you…?"

"See, this assbutt paid me to take out this really great guy. …But I screwed up."

"Yeah? How's that?"

"I fell for him," she said with a smile.

Sam lifted the heavy burden from Becky's hands, threw the book on the ground, pushed her up against the side of the house, and kissed her for several long minutes that made Dean proud.

"Atta boy," Dean said, watching with Cas from the window.

"I love you," Castiel blurted out. He wasn't quite sure why this was the time to say it- perhaps he was caught up in the heat of the moment, or mesmerized by Dean's brilliant smile. But he said it all the same, and swallowed hard, waiting for a reply.

Dean turned his green eyes on Cas and smiled. "I love you, too, Cas." He placed a soft kiss on Castiel's lips. "I love you, too."
Title: The Taming of Sam Winchester
Chapter: 3/3 The Man Who Would Be Homecoming King
Summary: Supernatural High School AU based on the film 10 Things I Hate About You & Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew.
Pairings: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Becky


*Amor non discitur, amor cognoscitur, sed id non animadvertis donec amorem invenis - Love is not something you learn, love is something you know, but do not realise until you find it.

*Vis mecum egredieris, Castiel, vel non? rough translation: Do you want to be with me, Castiel, or not?

*Semper Always.

*O ego quam videor felix, immobile pectus Pectoris immoti semper amantis amans - Then happy I, that love and am beloved, Where I may not remove nor be removed. - William Shakespeare


Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]


The characters are Kripke's. The plot belongs to William Shakespeare (who is either proud... or turning over in his grave) and Touchstone Pictures. Many, many lines are also directly stolen from these sources, as well as others, including Mean Girls & Ferris Bueller's Day Off. "Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I've ever known." Chuck Palahniuk (Invisible Monsters)
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This is the greatest thing EVER. You took a cool take on it too, normally I'd think of Dean as the shrew who needs taming, but I like that it was Sam and Dean wouldn't date because he was too busy taking care of him (which makes total sense). Awesome fic. Just awesome. :)
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